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Yusuf Efendi, Between Pleasure and Sadness

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Yusuf Efendi, Between Pleasure and Sad

Yusuf Efendi gradually began to show quality with Persegres Gresik United in the League 1 event. So far he has contributed two goals for the team nicknamed Laskar Joko Samudro.

In fact, he plays not in his ideal position as an attacker. Yusuf was entrusted with being a midfielder.

One goal scored Yusuf when Persegres held 1-1 draw by Sriwijaya FC, Monday (24/07/2017) and one more when defeated Semen Padang 1-4 at Stadium H Agus Salim, Saturday (5/8/2017) afternoon.

This condition makes this Banyuwangi-born player feel dilemmatic. On the one hand he has started to be productive but on the other hand, Persegres still struggling to record their second win of the season, which keeps them glued to the bottom of the standings.

“Alhamdulillah, finally I can print again with Persegres in a new position. But yes sad also see a team that so far is still hard to win, “said Joseph, Sunday (06/08/2017).

Yusuf also admitted that he has started to adapt well as a midfielder attack thanks to the help of the coach and his colleagues, although in the new position it requires him to help the defense when being oppressed the opponent team.

“Not bad, start adaptation more smoothly than the first time derived as a midfielder. Yesterday (when opponent Semen Padang), was instructed by the coach to do a lot of shooting from a distance, because the front line dead end. Alhamdulillah, one of which can bear fruit into goals, “he said.

He also revealed, Persegres actually had to balance the pattern of the game Semen Padang in the first round. But the impact of a quick goal that dilesakkan host at the beginning of the second half, changing the final result is quite significant.

“The first half had a 1-1 draw, but we then conceded quickly at the start of the second half and it got us started down. In addition, when the game yesterday the weather is hot, so we had a little trouble adaptation as well, “said Yusuf.

“Three o’clock there (Padang) is the same as at two o’clock in Gresik, so it may run out too (stamina). Yesterday also with the players as it is, “he said.

Persegres itself has officially split with several players, who could strengthen the team in the first round. Just two new players Ade Suhendra and Ahmad Sembiring Usman who joined. Other players, including foreigners, are scheduled to start joining on Monday (7/8/2017) training tomorrow.

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