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U-22 national team must be wary of the experience of Timor Leste at Selayang Stadium

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U-22 national team must be wary of the experience of Timor Leste at Selayang Stadium

Indonesia U-22 national team will face U-22 Timor Leste in the third match of Group B SEA Games 2017 elimination. Duel will take place at the Stadium Majlis Perbandaran (MP) Selayang, Selangor, Sunday (20/08/2017) afternoon.

For the Garuda Muda squad, there is something new in this game as long as they fight in the biennial event, the field or stadium where the game. This will be Luis Milla’s first action on the pitch.

Yes, this new MP Selayang Stadium this time U-22 national team. Two previous games, Hansamu Yama and friends always play at Shah Alam Stadium, Selangor.

Without a field trial session, there must be an influence in the performance of the players, although not many. Just look at what happened in the first game, August 15, 2017. Although it looks smooth, several times Indonesian players slipped on the field, one of which Marinus Wanewar.

Things like this can actually be anticipated if the team is given at least one field test that will be used to compete.

“We questioned the committee why there was no field test session,” said U-22 Indonesia national team manager, Endri Erawan, after the inaugural match cons Thailand.

In the second game counter Philippines, U-22 national team still use the stadium which is now the headquarters of the Malaysian Super League club, PKNS FC. The result is more convincing because Evan Dimas et al won 3-0. In addition to the quality of the Philippines under Thailand, the players have been better adapted to the field that has been used in the inaugural game.

But for the third game, U-22 national team should need adaptation again because the game was held in Selayang. If Garuda Young is still awkward, it is different with Timor Leste, who has experienced playing in the field despite always losing in two previous matches.

The team graph nicknamed O Sol Nascente always improved. After losing 0-4 from Vietnam in the inaugural match, they just fell 0-1 from Thailand in the latest game. That is, Timor Leste’s adaptation to the field at the MP Selayang Stadium is quite good. This should be wary of the U-22 national team.

In addition, since East Timor joined the SEA Games and sent football teams, Indonesia has only met with the youngest country in Southeast Asia. The two countries met in the 2013 Southeast Asian Games elimination phase of Yangon, Myanmar, with a goalless draw.

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