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Three Important Referee Messages from Australia after Leading League 1

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Three Important Referee Messages from Australia after Leading League 1

Six foreign referees in charge of League 1 games were involved in a discussion held by PSSI at PSSI office, 17th floor of Gran Rubina Business Park, Kuningan, South Jakarta, Tuesday (8/8/2017) Sbobet Casino. National referees are also involved in the event.

The six foreign referees are Shaun Robert Evans, George Lakrindis and Wilson Brown from Australia, and Shekerbekov Rysbek, Skopintsev Artem and Salybaev Eldiiar from Kyrgyzstan. The other representatives are five national referees, AR Salasa, Mustafa Umarella, Hadiyana, M Adung and M Syamsuri, plus Deputy Secretary General of PSSI Marco Gracia Paulo, Head of Technical Department of PSSI Danurwindo and Head of Refs Department PSSI Ngadiman Asri.

Discussions were held for the transfer of arbitration knowledge, especially after the six foreign referees performed their duties last week. They discussed many things with match recordings.

Shaun Evans gave some very positive feedback, summarizing the three points of the Australian referee’s message:

1. Regarding technical area. There is no tolerance for anyone, be it a coach or an official to enter the field, except with the permission of the referee.

2. If the player or official protests, approaches or even touches the referee in order to intimidate the referee who ultimately influences the course of the match, the referee is entitled to give a red card.

3. Endurance should be fit for 90 minutes until extra time. The position must be precise and the firmness of a referee is indispensable in a match.

Shaun Evans also said Indonesia is a country with good potential. He believes, football in this country can flourish.

“I’m sure football Indonesia will grow rapidly in the future,” said Evans.

The foreign referees will be on duty until August 15, 2017. Furthermore, in the second period, there will be referees from several other countries on 16-28 August 2017, continued the third period on 29-11 September 2017.

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