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James Rodriguez brought Bayern Munich to replace Thomas Muller? This is Carlo Ancelotti’s answer

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James Rodriguez brought Bayern Munich to replace Thomas Muller? This is Carlo Ancelotti’s answer

Carlo Ancelotti denied they bring James Rodriguez to replace Thomas Muller at Bayern Munich.

Ancelotti’s move to bring this Colombian playmaker from Real Madrid has not been well received in Munich for allegedly having an impact on their hero, Muller.

At a press conference in Shanghai ahead of the pre-season friendly match against Arsenal Muller was asked by reporters whether James’s recruitment was an anti-Muller action. However, Ancelotti immediately grabbed and answered the question.

“Of course we bring James not to replace Thomas Muller,” said Ancelotti. “If he thinks like this, you can think he will replace Thiago because he can play in midfield,” quoted from (18/7).

“He can play on the right or left side so he can also replace Robben or Ribery. Sometimes I will include him as a midfielder in order to replace Tolisso and Vidal. ”

“We did not buy James to replace anyone. We bring James to be added ketim. He’s a good player. I know the quality and personality. I think he can help us. ”

There is no guarantee of the main place for Rodriguez

James, who worked under Ancelotti at Real Madrid, joined Bayern Munich on a two-year loan and is considered the top choice of the 2017-2018 season.

Ancelotti added: “James knows if he does not deserve playing he will not play. He’s on the bench like any other player. ”

“We have a lot of competition and this is great for the team. He has no guarantee of going on. ”

“If he deserves to play he will play. Otherwise he will be on the bench. ”

The former Chelsea boss also denied the idea that James’s recruitment would put pressure on the position he occupied.
Muller denied feeling depressed

Muller is much reserved during Bayern was captain Ancelotti smiled with the question of anti-Muller recruitment, but he gave a diplomatic response.

“A very interesting question,” said the Bayern and Germany forward. “I know this makes headlines and that’s why we’re here to solve the rumor.”

“With James we got lots of options. He is a very good midfielder and will give support to the team, ”

“Our coach is very happy he joined us and he will get more options. He’s a very good player, will improve the overall quality and help us to score more goals. “(Source:

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