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Ancelotti Ready To Sell Sanches

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Ancelotti Ready To Sell Sanches

Bayern Munich coach Carlo Ancelotti admits he is open with opportunities to sell Renato Sanches to another club.

The Portuguese midfielder was transferred with a transfer fee of 35 million pounds from Benfica, but he failed to meet expectations from the club, and more often a warmer on the bench.

The situation is well understood by Ancelotti, with him ready to assess the situation of the player, and open with a chance to sell the player to another club.

“I think the new transfer market will end on August 31,” the Italian told reporters. “For the time being, he’s still practicing with us.”

“We have time to make decisions. It could be a possibility [the departure of Sanches from Allianz Arena].

“But he is also still a chance to continue to defend us next season.”

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