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Allegri Criticism Use of VAR Technology

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Allegri Criticism Use of VAR Technology

Max Allegri says the match will last three to four hours if the referee does not change the way they use VAR technology.

Allegri’s team went 2-1 up when Mario Mandzukic was disallowed by the referee before referee Antonio Damato saw a repeat of a follow-up to Alejandro Gomes’s face by Stephan Lichtsteiner which involved the Swiss defender was rewarded a yellow card.

“If we want football to be a sport that is no longer a sport, then use the VAR on every incident,” Allegri curtly.

“However, if we get to March where every point is important, then every game can last for three to four hours.

“I think technology should be used in certain situations, for example offside, but when the situation is subjective, people will never agree. That’s football. “

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