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After Controversial Results, China Referee Attacked by Unknown People

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After Controversial Results, China Referee Attacked by Unknown People
A group of unidentified men launched an attack and terror to League One’s referee after a game in the second Chinese caste competition Judi Bola.

The object of the attack was the referee and the official who led the duel between Baoding Yingli Yitong and Qingdao Huanghai on Saturday (1/7/2017).

Confirmed by the Chinese Football Federation (CFA), the hotel’s electric line where the referee stayed was interrupted by the perpetrator. Forty minutes later, the person came into the room and started a terror to the referee.

“At least ten people broke into the room and began beating four referees to inflict injuries on the head, waist, and legs,” the CFA statement said.

Not yet known what the motive of the perpetrators terrorizing the four referees. One thing is certain, the leadership of the court had reaped protests from the Baoding stronghold.

Therefore, the opposition team’s play comes from a penalty in extra time duration of seven minutes. Score was ended 2-2 draw.

As a result of these results, Baoding immersed at the bottom of the standings with a collection of ten points from 16 matches.

Disappointed with the referee’s decision, Johannes Bonfrere as the Boading coach protested too loudly to be thrown into the stands.

As for Meng Yongli as President Baoding had threatened going out of League One as a form of protest against the results against Qingdao.

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