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16 Great League 2: Persebaya Respect All Opponents in Group C

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16 Great League 2: Persebaya Respect All Opponents in Group C

Persebaya Surabaya do not want to take lightly any team in group C while undergoing round of 16 large start Friday (22/09/2017). Persebaya not only wary of PSBS Biak, but all opponents.

This seems to be a concern for Alfredo Vera. He wants his players to increase their vigilance without underestimating an opponent in the group.

“The most important players can anticipate the opponent’s game tactics that I have taught in every practice, this is done so that the opposing team can not deceive and break our goal,” he said.

“All teams in Group C should be wary, the main one being the anticipation of the tactics that have been applied to the practice, so that the opponent can not do anything when attacking,” he said.

Known, the power map in group C is still completely unknown. But can not be denied, Persebaya Surabaya have to deal with a fairly hard team in every game. In this group C, Alfredo Vera team will be faced with the Middle East, PSBS Biak and Semeru FC.

Even so, Persebaya have its own advantages in several games. Persebaya is believed to be using Gelora Bung Tomo (GBT), because PSBS Biak and Semeru FC are certain to move homebase in GBT Surabaya, although only temporarily.

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